The academic research activity of the Department is focused on areas such as corporate management and governance, corporate finances, corporate marketing, investment management and financial innovations, international business, integration processes of Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, etc.

A part of the Department’s academic research activity is also the interdepartmental seminar ‘Current Economic Trends and Business’ organized and run on a regular basis.

The Department staff comprises 15 lecturers who have numerous national and international academic publications and who participate in workshops and conferences in and outside Bulgaria.


The Department has signed Erasmus agreements for students mobility with the Universities of Bologna and Ludwigshafen. Forthcoming is also the agreement with the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece.


The Department is in constant contact with lecturers and experts from various enterprises and institutions: the institutes in the Bulgarian Academy of Science, universities, state authorities and organizations (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, National Revenue Agency, Financial Supervision Commission, Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Central Depository, Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency, Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting), NGOs (Institute for Market Economics, Bulgarian Industrial Association, The Association of Commercial Banks in Bulgaria, Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy, etc.).


The forms of cooperation include training and internship, exchange of information, graduation papers review, programs update, development of business projects, seminars and discussions,etc.


The Department has developed joint programs with the International Banking Institute and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


The Department of Economics offers academic training in eight face-to-face and 3 distance learning programs.


Department Chair
Assoc. Prof. Reneta Dimitrova, PhD
Building 2, Room 605
tel.: 02/8110 605
e-mail: r.dimitrova@nbu.bg


Peter Arabadzhiyski
Building 2, Room 605
tel.: 02/8110 635
e-mail: parabadzhiyski@nbu.bg